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Lighting design is both an art and science which, when properly executed, can repay the cost of professional services in as little as 1 to 5 years!

We work to achieve the desired aesthetic and technical results, while reducing electrical consumption up to 31 percent (31%) - and because artificial light produces heat, reduce cooling loads and costs 5 to 20 percent (5-20%).

Along with applying science to avoid costly over-illumination, we also utilize manual light- reduction controls, occupancy sensors, time-based controls and photocell switching to help conserve energy. We also specify the most energy-efficient sources to light outdoor space such as walkways, parking areas and structures.

Whatever the size of your new construction or remodeling project - interior and/or exterior - it costs nothing to discuss your lighting options... with us!



New Building Projects and Renovations

We design or assist in designing the lighting plan, or provide a professional analysis of an existing proposal [plan].

Our clients are contractors, architects, interior design firms, engineers, facility managers and property owners.

Our fee is hourly and we do not supply or install light fixtures and components - or endorse manufacturers. Our sole interest is to ensure your project receives a professional energy-efficient lighting solution. Incentives for commercial customers



Existing Homes and Business Structures

We perform audits on existing structures to evaluate lighting conditions. This service is commonly used by:

    ●  Businesses moving into a pre-owned facility.

    ●  Businesses wanting to become more energy efficient - reduce consumption.

    ●  Businesses wanting to improve employee comfort and productivity.

    ●  Retailers wanting to better enhance product displays.

    ●  Individuals with symptoms of SAD or other light-related health issues.        


Interior & Landscape Lighting Projects

Our clients are interior designers, landscape contractors and property owners - commercial, industrial and residential.

This service includes developing a professional, indoor or landscape, lighting plan and providing all light fixtures and components. Installation is optional. These projects are estimated and contractual, with deposit required for creative/technical design time.

If you chose our installation option, we are bonded and insured with all work performed by licensed electricians (as required). 

* NOTE: Offering products and installation to clients is considered unethical by many CLC professionals: as they believe preferred-vendor relationships may influence decisions that need to remain 100% impartial. We offer this service because many clients have insisted on working with a single source; and felt we were best qualified to manage their lighting project. We have built our good reputation by specifying products of the highest possible quality within our client's budget. However, if you feel this could be a conflict of interest, or simply wish to purchase elsewhere, please select our design consulting services.      




UPDATE** EPAct 2005, scheduled to end 12/32/2008, was extended through 12/31/2013. This act provides a tax deduction for investments in energy-efficient commercial building property -- as part of new construction or renovation (within the scope of the ASHRAE/IES 90.1 Standard). Deduction is the lesser of:   1) $1.80/sq. ft. or 2) costs incurred or paid for the energy-efficient property. More Details

Qualifying systems include:

1) interior lighting systems

2) heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water systems

3) building envelope


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