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About Charles Andrew Owens, CLC

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Charles Andrew Owens, CLC

Certified Lighting Consultant, Educator, Lecturer

Charles Andrew Owens (Andy) ranks among the most talented designers, educators and lecturers in the lighting industry.

"Andy Owens is widely recognized as possibly the most knowledgeable lighting expert within several-hundreds miles of Louisville, KY."


A native and resident of Louisville, Kentucky, Andy became fascinated with lights and electricity in his early teens, and sought part-time work assisting electricians throughout high school and college.    

Owens earned his degree at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) in 1971, in addition to his military Officer's commission; then enlisted in the U.S. Army. After serving 2-years active duty, Owens joined the Reserves (USAR).

Owens spent the first seven (7) years of his professional career working for a large electrical contractor in Louisville, KY.  There, he was responsible for estimating and supervising commercial and industrial construction projects.

Just as Owens was preparing to leave his employer - and possibly start an electrical contracting firm - he received an exciting offer in the lighting industry. A well-known manufacturer needed a field sales representative, so in 1980 Owens accepted their offer. Once on-board, one of his first assignments was to introduce a new invention; the "electronic" ballast now standard in most all fluorescent light fixtures.  

In 1984, Owens began teaching "Structural & Interior Lighting Systems" - evening classes - at the University of Louisville.

Also in 1984, Owens became general manager of a lighting and design firm where he remained for the next twelve (12) years. It was here that Owens first realized what a tremendous advantage his strong electrical background gave him over his competition: knowledge that helped Owens better relate to the needs of architects, engineers, contractors and interior designers.

Owens started Owens Lighting & Associates in 1996, then Louisville Landscape Lighting in 1997.  During this time he stopped teaching to concentrate on business. However, in 2003 he rejoined the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) on a limited schedule.     

   Personal / Professional Highlights & Affiliations:

    ●  Member of The U.S. Green Building Council, USGBC / LEED

    ●  Seven (7) years experience in electrical contracting and estimating.

    ●  Certified Lighting Consultant (CLC), American Lighting Association (ALA)

    ●  Recognized Lighting Consultant, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

    ●  Founded OWENS LIGHTING ASSOCIATES in 1996.


    ●  Adjunct Professor (U of L) Structural/Interior Lighting Systems, 1984-1996

    ●  Adjunct Professor (EKU) Structural/Interior Lighting Systems, 2003-Present

    ●  Lighting-design Instructor at Louisville Technical Institute (within Sullivan University), 1996-2000

    ●  Recognized in numerous articles by national publications.

    ●  Author of published technical lighting reports.

    ●  Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

    ●  Member of Louisville Home Builders Association.

    ●  Member Illuminating Lighting Association.

    ●  Member Low-voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas (LVLIA)

    ●  Member St. Matthews Area Business Association Inc. (SMABA).

    ●  Member Wildwood Country Club, Louisville.

    ●  Member Southeastern Christian Church, Louisville.

    ●  Member Military Officers of World Wars (MOWW).

    ●  Lifetime Member Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

    ●  Retired Lieutenant Colonel of USAR after 20 years of service.

    ●  Recipient of USAR Meritorious Service Medal.

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